A Simple Bouquet

For Mother’s Day…..

Central Florida, May 12, 2012.  Twelve of the many native wildflowers that grace my property. I wish all the moms, daughters and sons of moms, a very happy Mother’s Day. May all your native plant gardens grow. Click a Photo to start the slideshow.

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  1. Michelle Royo says

    Happy mother’s day to all moms around the world! The only flower I was able to send my mom is a piece of white rose and she was so happy with it. I interpret that as unconditional and undying mother’s love. These are so beautiful I should plant some of my own. Where can I get them?


  2. June H says

    Lovely flowers you have there! I wish I had one of those too. When did you start growing them? I would love to know your story.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Betty Miller says

    I love these beautiful and lovely native flowers. What’s the most most beautiful native flower for you? Thank you so much for sharing these pictures of them.

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