Native Pruners

It’s always exciting for our family when a deer visits the yard.  This one has come and gone for a few days now and even had a fawn with it one of the days.

I’m not about to suggest that deer visit our yard just because we have native plants- I know deer visit many other yards to eat their non-native roses, tulips, etc.  But I did notice that most of the plants in our yard that were snacked upon are natives.  Most of them are in our rain garden, shown below.

In most cases the deer eats the ends off of the red-twig dogwood and native rose branches, leaving a nice pruned cut.  It has been about a week since the first branches were eaten and new growth has already started to form.

Above is a “pruned” dogwood branch.  The deer leaves a messy cut but the new growth is bursting out as though I had pruned it myself!

This cut is on my High Cranberry Bush.  Again, the new growth is looking robust.

Like I said, we like having deer visit the yard.  They eat some plants, but almost everything grows back and some (like the plants shown above) I would be pruning soon anyway.  Of course, I have to be careful.  Once the deer finds what is shown below in my yard, it might decide to eat a lot more to exact revenge…



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  1. says

    I have visited hundred of blogs, a few are worthy of visiting again. However, this is the first time anyone in a blog or magazine has written anything positive about wild life in the garden, deer in this case. Often times is how to get rid of them or anything else.

    I believe the intelligent gardener with some wisdom will do and watch what you do in the garden. In my situation everything planted has been collected/swapped with ecoregion, flora and fauna in mind.

    antigonum cajan recently posted..BARLERIA REPENS POST

  2. Mary Pellerito says

    I like how you look at the deer eating your plants. I like having deer in my yard and there is plenty for them to eat. However, I do need to put up a barrier around the vegetable garden. I walked in the vegetable garden yesterday and the tomato plants and raspberry bushes were pruned.
    Mary Pellerito recently posted..A Passion for Tomatoes

  3. says

    I actually leave my red-twig dogwood big into winter since it is something the deer can snack on and prune so I don’t have to…they now prune all year, but some they have pruned too much so I have to spray them so they at least can grow. I also let some dogwood volunteer in the meadow so deer have some to eat without jumping the fence. I had to laugh as I wasn’t the only one letting the deer prune the dogwood and roses.
    Donna@Gardens Eye View recently posted..Gardens Eye Journal-August 2012

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