It is Cold Outside. Where did all the Butterflies Go?

Hummingbide moth

Winter has arrived. What happened to all the six legged creatures we saw in summer? Where did the crawling, scuttling, flitting, buzzing multitudes go? Those of us who live in temperate and colder climates notice the disappearance of practically all insects when the weather gets cold. We are talking about the ones that live outdoors, […]

I’ve Just Seen a Baby Hummingbird . . . NOT !

Snowberry Clearwing in Wild Bergamot

Notes from a Wildlife Garden Naturalist As the naturalist at the Cape May Bird ObservatoryI fielded some pretty interesting phone calls over the years.  Quite a few involved callers reporting tiny baby hummingbirds in their garden.  I’d quickly clear up the confusion by first explaining that once young hummingbirds begin to fly they are the […]

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