The New Year Ahead

Merry Christmas from the Paulsen Family!
I feel blessed for the opportunity to publish a blog post here on Christmas Day. And with the New Year right around the corner, I’d like to share a short list of things to look forward to from CSR’s Team SageGrouse:

  • By midsummer 2014, a photo exploration of native forb seed production from start to finish.
  • The development of a pollinator garden on a commercial property that will include an emphasis on edible natives.
  • A beer recipe from our very own, “Bad Bird Brew” involving native grass species (Basin wild rye, Indian rice grass), and also a brew utilizing the invasive cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum).
  • The specific uses of several native plants in traditional landscape settings. I would like to have a serious conversation with the readers of this blog about the “xeric vs. natives” topic that seems to plague the Native Plant ideal, especially in the west.
  • For what it’s worth, I would also like to answer questions that anyone may have in regards to native plant restoration within the regions CSR works (essentially Nebraska to the east slope of the Cascade divide).
  • I feel a write-up to quantify some of the acres restored across the western US, including who paid the bill and what they used (native, introduced species) would be beneficial, as well as a write-up on soil crust in restoration activities for arid environments.
  • And I suppose a little more could be added to the conversation around a capitalist ideal for the environmental movement.

Of course, there are always hot topics and things that come up that must be explored and I, like many of you, look forward to those opportunities when they arise.

I thank you all for the wonderfully diverse topics and writing this forum provides and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year in 2014!

© 2013, Steven Paulsen. All rights reserved. This article is the property of Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens. We have received many requests to reprint our work. Our policy is that you are free to use a short excerpt which must give proper credit to the author, and must include a link back to the original post on our site. Please use the contact form above if you have any questions.

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  1. Marilyn says

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Steven. Looks like an fascinating agenda for 2014. Your next to last bullet point looks particularly interesting and educational. To quantify what has been done and study how and by whom may provide templates for future planning. And seeing just how much has been accomplished could be tremendously encouraging. Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Dee says

    Happy Holidays Steven! You have a beautiful family! You have quite a list of goals to accomplish for the new year, I’m looking forward to the articles! I have learned so much from authors like you who have completely changed my way of thinking about gardening & have educated me about native plants. Now my small yard is full of native plants, butterflies & hummingbirds. I’m looking forward to more learning experiences!

  3. says

    Steven, As a sometimes-restoration ecologist who loves sagebrush country, I am fascinated by your list of topics, especially the one on how much land has been restored, who footed the bill and how much of that actually uses native species to reweave the community of the land. As a writer I am all over the beer topic, especially the idea of using cheatgrass in beer. Get that going and you could be onto something big! I love your enthusiasm, passion and ideas. Thank you.
    Susan J. Tweit recently posted..Do What You Love….

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