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There are many reasons to subscribe to Wren Song, our weekly newsletter, but a really big one may be that you prefer to get a weekly summary as opposed to a daily email of individual posts.

Wren Song brings you the best in wildlife garden, native plants, pollinators, schoolyard habitats, and butterfly and bird habitat news from our teams of writers from around the country.

Wren Song will contain a weekly summary of all posts here at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens, as well as a weekly summary of the articles at our sister publication Beautiful Wildlife Garden.

Plus we’ll let you know where our team members are speaking publicly so that you can go and meet them and hear their words of wisdom. Many of our team have published books and travel widely around the country giving seminars and workshops about their areas of expertise. And we’ll keep you updated about those events as they happen.

Also, in the near future, we are going to have some exciting announcements of our own, and subscribers to Wren Song will be the first to hear about these events as they unfold.

We’ll be sharing news and tips about the best wildlife garden and native plants information, and we’ll be making some news of our own quite soon as well.

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Carole Sevilla Brown lives in Philadelphia, PA, and she travels the country speaking about Ecosystem Gardening for Wildlife. Check out her new free online course Ecosystem Gardening Essentials, 15 free lessons delivered to your inbox every week.

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  1. Jim Manley says

    I just got my first issue, after receiving the daily posts for several months. I’m VP and program chair of the Houston Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas, as well as a native plant rescuer and grower, and a Master Gardener. Many of the contributors are based in other parts of the country, and many of the plants mentioned aren’t suitable for the Gulf Coast. However, I almost always find a helpful insight and/or some valuable information that transcends the regional differences.

    Thanks for your contribution to the appreciation and understanding of natives.



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